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A global community & resource hub for modern CSR leaders

This community is an online space for CSR professionals to connect and learn from each other. We aim to produce helpful content, get insights from top experts and build a network of professionals who want to amplify their social impact.

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CSR professionals from all around the world

I joined this community to share and learn best practices when it comes to grants management in the Energy sector. Being based in North American, I am very curious about the European experience when it comes to the grants lifecycle.
M. Ross - Grants manager - Energy Industry
Being part of the Optimy CSR community helped me learn how others experience employee engagement in different industries and allowed me to connect with peers from all over the world.
K. Marvell - Employee Engagement - Financial Services
Rethinking volunteering is another big challenge brought by the pandemic. Adapting your work using digital tools is one of the solutions. Helping your community is another one. We need collective power to bring up the best practice when it comes reshaping and this can happen through online discussions.
A. Blancpain - Sponsorship Manager - Insurance Services

CSR Podcast Speakers

Chris Jarvis - Realized Worth

Co-founder & Influencer

Chris runs Realized worth, a CSR institute helping Fortune 500 companies to do volunteering better by empowering employees to connect, engage and lead better through citizenship.

A. Gamson - SocialStarters

CEO & Head of Learning

Andrea is a social entrepreneur, WISE100 Award Winner and Co-Founder of Social Starters which is a network for business looking to create more impact through volunteering.

J. Tenille - Marriott International

Social Impact Manager

Jerome is a speaker, blogger, CSR/Volunteer and manager of Volunteerism at Marriott International. He designs blueprints for positive social change for both small and large companies.

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